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This Weird and Wonderful Eye Cream Will Completely Erase Your Fine Lines


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I haven't tried any products from Arcona yet, but this sounds amazing. Thanks for the review and happy new year! It really wonderful, and I was super surprised by the level of hydration that it imparts! This sounds so interesting! It's about time for me to start paying attention to stuff like this. This sounds amazing, but it's definitely pricey, especially for the amount of product you get.

It really is incredibly effective, Courtney. Their Triad Toner is absolutely amazing! While your standard, thick night time eye cream has long been a staple for tackling the area, another option has recently stepped into the light — illuminating eye cream.

Harnessing high percentages of an active peptide and retinol, actual liquid crystals work to smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improve elasticity, while vitamin C helps brighten, leaving the eye area looking younger and feeling firming.

Science aside, I spent three minutes alone moving my hand around in the light to see all the different ways it shimmered in the light. I soon learned a little bit goes a long way a quarter of one full pump will easily cover both eyes. It does have an instant blurring and brightening effect, which I admit is kind of wasted if you only use it at night, so there is a benefit to applying it in the a.

Basically, you do you, boo. One thing the brand doesn't trumpet as much as it should — besides the magical mucus thing, obviously — is that this is a fantastic lip cream. In addition to making my lips flake-free and soft, it left behind that same multifaceted gleam on my pout.

My lips had a subtle rose-gold, iridescent thing going on for the better part of the day. Nothing too obvious, but just a hint of makeup intrigue. As someone who has been cursed with super-dry lips that are preventing me from wearing actual lipstick right now screw you, Accutane , that little shot of shimmer made me honest-to-god giddy.

And, while "unicorn" has become an overplayed descriptor in the beauty world guilty , in this case, the product definitely earns the moniker. Ives Apricot Scrub. That iconic orange tu. With the days merging into a nonstop loop of Tiger King memes, TikTok dances, and Instagram Live notifications, the first rule of self-isolation is that th. As the COVID pandemic continues to evolve globally, so do the precautions taken to ensure our safety. When it comes to skin care, we all have our faves: The ones we come back to time and time again, even as bright, shiny launches try to lure us astray with.

Completely chaotic. An accurate portrayal of our current state of affairs, yes, but not not relevant to my in-quarantine skin.

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This Weird and Wonderful Eye Cream Will Completely Erase Your Fine Lines

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