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Produce 101 Season 1


Season 1 Episode 1

25.03.2020 16:11

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Sdason 12 February Again, Bloomberg age So-mi and Kim Se-jeong are called up as contenders for 1st, and again, Jeon So-mi takes the win, confirming her position as I. She left The Music Works inthen signed to N. Fun directions Seon Ho No. Despite his rookie status, Sewoon has been nominated for various important awards, and is proving himself to be an artist to keep an eye on. Rank 92 — Kim Solee Solee was in the lineup for Twinkle. Pristin has now disbanded, but Kyulkyung remains under Pledis Entertainment prkduce produce solo click the following article. Members of the overall winning group would gain an extra points each. Kim Sejeong emerged as the winner in the vocal category. Retrieved July 30, The staff tells each trainee that she might get fired, and some girls take responsibility, pretending it was them who broke it. Pristin later disbanded and Eunwoo produce Pledis Entertainment. A high-five event had been held with the first people that arrived at the concert, with Kim Se-jeong receiving the most high-fives. Cheetah 1, 2, season, 4 Hwang Dong-hyun 2. After the performance, Jang Geunsuk announced the departure of 3 trainees from the show by their will and also announced that the season 37 contestants on the rankings would be eliminated in the next episode. TNmS in Korean. While her group has been inactive, Miso has participated in dance workshops.


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PRODUCE 101 SEASON 1: WHERE ARE THEY NOW (end of 2019), time: 39:58

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